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Conditional Registration – QLD & NSW.

Mar 19, 2013

When forklift/s, or any vehicles, are used on a road they require Conditional Registration (or Full Registration).

There is an exclusion contained in liability sections that excludes cover for liability for claims involving motor vehicles that are registered or should have been registered. For this reason we need to bring this to our client’s attention.

Information on this topic can be found on the Queensland Transport Website.

Under the heading of “What is a ‘road’ ” it identifies a road as “areas open to the public for use as a road”. It is because of this that we believe areas such as driveways (particularly communal driveways), or car parks, would be defined as a road by Queensland Transport and therefore by a court should a matter arise that went before the courts.

In NSW, the scenario is the same, however the RTA (NSW equivalent to Queensland Transport) is more specific in identifying area’s where a vehicle should be conditionally registered, specifically naming “Public and private car parks and access areas”. See  the RTA Conditional Registration Brochure.

Obviously, when vehicles become registered then Comprehensive (Or TPPD, TPPDF&T) needs to be arranged on these items.

This is also a topic that can extend to domestic policies/clients with vehicles such as golf buggies or ride on mowers. As with Business Pack’s, Household policies exclude liability for motor vehicles that are registered or should have been registered.

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