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AustBrokers Comsure understands SME Business

Nov 26, 2015

AustBrokers Comsure have used internally and externally Vero’s SME index, an annual publication to help our company understand how an SME Business is changing and how the SME Business Owner values receiving “advice” from an Insurance Adviser.
AustBrokers Comsure therefore have been asked by Vero recently to appear in a small video to promote the SME Index information to Intermediaries and the SME sector.

“Small to Medium Enterprise Business” is a considerable part of our overall Portfolio. The index has assisted all AustBrokers Comsure’s staff Claims, Advisers, Sales, Marketing, Management and Directors, to understand SME clients requirements better, especially the pressures and challenges SME businesses are facing, due to the uncertainty of the Economy of late and Changes in Technology”.

As a result of that knowledge, AustBrokers Comsure is able to add real value to the advice we give to our existing and new SME clients, when reviewing their covers and handling claims when they arise.

Our Marketing Manager, Jacqui, was AustBrokers Comsure’s employee who helped Vero with their video production, and when interviewed, she was able to speak about all roles in AustBrokers Comsure, how the index benefits them and also how it assists our Marketing approach, Sales and Claims Management processes.

Our Directors were delighted that Vero chose AustBrokers Comsure for this exercise, involving our company because we have been recognized as Market Leader in SME Insurance Broking and demonstrate consistently an understanding of how that segment / client is changing and AustBrokers Comsure is changing with it. AustBrokers Comsure believe knowledge about how an SME business seeks advice, is the key to future success and being seen by the client as continually adding value.

Vero are a major business partner to AustBrokers Comsure, and their Business Insurance Package is often the right cover for our Client, following the usual marketing process of an account in the Australian market before the policy is renewed or sold.

We appreciated Vero asking us to be a part of this SME index promotion, which will be distributed in 2016.

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