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Progress is like a wheelbarrow!

May 26, 2016

Genuine claimants not getting paid by their insurance companies causing weeks, months and years of stress and testing the patience of loved ones. Does this story sound familiar?

Unfortunately, it is a common one and we all continually hear about insurance disputes in the media.

Progress is like a wheelbarrow. If you don’t keep pushing it, it stops. Really, who has the time to continuously push insurers to make sure maximum policy entitlements are met and adhered to? AustBrokers Comsure does.

Without the industry knowledge, insurance claims can be difficult and tiring. Simply, you don’t know what you don’t know.

At AustBrokers Comsure, our Claims Team has a wealth of knowledge and experience across all insurance products. In addition, our staff are constantly being educated and trained to best assist you.

Our Head of Claims Services, Gayle Herriman recently had a conversation with a lady (not a AustBrokers Comsure Client) who has been struggling with her insurance company for several years. The ongoing struggle over getting the claim paid lead to stress and financial hardship. Gayle reviewed the claim circumstances and decided to take on the case as a gesture of good-will for the lady.

Due to Gayle’s claims experience and amazing ability to create a sense of urgency, the claim was cash settled and full entitlements were processed to the rightful recipient. Gayle was able to cut through the red tape and persistently have the right conversations with the right people to get the claim paid straight away.

It is our obligation to save you time, confusion, hassle and possibly money by offering a superior claims management service. Contact us today.

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