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Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget- is your cover enough?

Jun 7, 2016

The recent weather event was a test for our clients along the East Coast of Australia. Our AustBrokers Comsure claims team have been fielding calls, left and right to assist our clients.

From a claims perspective, we find that most people don’t seem to realise how important insurance is when they take out their cover, and when they do, many are driven solely on price, and what the immediate cost to their back pocket is.

They focus on the cost, rather than ensuring that they have superior cover in case of any event.  People forget that they are insuring their assets – because they do not want to run the risk of losing them.   Are you insuring them correctly?    In very simple terms, you can’t have a champagne taste, on a beer budget.

This weekend was testimony to this.   When our clients experience property damage, and are in a stressful situation, having the correct cover is our number one priority for them, and this is part of the service we provide.

We provide cover for not only mum & dads for their cars and house, but we also insure small to large businesses. Every one of our clients is important to us.

When our Advisers make recommendations to add in cover for hire car or business interruption insurance, please remember that they are not doing it to ‘sell you something that you don’t need’, they are providing recommendations based on the assets that you (our client) have and want to protect. If an Adviser recommends some form of cover that you don’t already have, please seriously consider it.   When it comes to claim time, it is better to have the cover than to have a claim declined!

Ask yourself- worst case scenario, what would I do?

Our Advisers at AustBrokers Comsure are always happy to help, and we love walking our client’s through ‘what if’ scenarios.

Remember there are no silly questions and as a client, it is better to ask, than to hope the cover you have elected is enough.  One reason why our Insurance Advisers review your insurances each year is due to the event that it is likely your situation is different to the previous year.  

It’s also perfect time to also link you to AustBrokers Comsure’s previous blog:- Does your business have a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan? It’s important to have this in place before we have another severe weather event.

Contact your AustBrokers Comsure Adviser today on 1800 122 194 should you wish to discuss.

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