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“Car Accident” Claims Tip

May 22, 2018

Car accidents can often be completely overwhelming. They usually occur when we are running late, stuck in heavy traffic or when we least expect it!

When they do occur, we can’t think clearly, and so the information that is required to make a claim is the last thing on our minds. However it’s incredibly important, and can mean the difference between an excess being payable by you and no excess applying in some situations.

So what information is required?

For your Insurer to be able to waive or remove the policy excess on a private use vehicle in a “not at fault accident“, you will need to supply the following information:

(Please note that while a commercial excess is not waivable under the policy terms and conditions, the same information is required.)

  • Name of the other party/parties involved in the accident
  • Address of the other party/parties involved in the accident
  • Phone Number/s Mobile and Landline if available
  • Registration Number of the other vehicle
  • Make of their Vehicle/s
  • Model of their Vehicle/s
  • Name of their Insurer (if they know)
  • Their policy number (if they know)

Some people find it easier just to take a photo of the other person or person’s driver’s license. This is fine, however please remember to take a photo of both sides! A driver’s license also doesn’t have a contact phone number on it so you need to remember to get a phone number for the driver.

You might find in some circumstances, people find giving up their driver’s license a breach of their privacy. If this is the case, they can advise you verbally at the scene of the accident the information that is required.

Failure to exchange details at the scene of an accident is an offence, so should the driver not wish or refuse to provide this information, then you need to note the make, model and registration number of the car and report it to the nearest police station.  

If possible, it is always helpful to take photos of your damage AND the other parties damage, including the markings on the road, the signage and anything else that you think will help with the claim and establishing liability.

Most importantly, when it comes time to claim… “The payment of your excess is part of your insurance contract, and the removal or waiver of this excess is at the insurers discretion as clearly set out in your Product Disclosure Statement.”


The benefit of having an Insurance Adviser on your side, is that we handle your claim from start to finish and we maximise your entitlement.

If you don’t have your car insurance with us, feel free to call AustBrokers Comsure today on 1800 122 194, and get comprehensively insured. We can help give you peace of mind that you’ll be covered in the event of an accident.

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