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Oct 31, 2019

NTI’s latest NTARC Major Accident Investigation report identified that whilst improving, fatigue and driver distraction remain two key contributors to incidents involving heavy vehicles. Fatigue alone could be attributed to nearly 15% of all losses over $50,000.

NTI has an exclusive partnership with “Seeing Machines”, to ensure that the Transport industry continues to move towards a safer and more sustainable future.

Seeing Machines is a leading provider of driver monitoring systems backed by proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology to a range of Transport sectors which enhances truck safety and saves lives. These include commercial transport and logistics, automotive, off-road and aviation.

The technology is available through the NTI/Seeing Machines Partnership. It is an intelligent, unobtrusive driver safety system, that is used by leading transport and logistics companies worldwide. Already, it has proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%.

What does the Technology do?

  • Real-time driver detection of fatigue and distraction-related driver events.
  • Real-time alerts to mitigate the risk of driver fatigue and distraction (audible and haptic).
  • Added safety through 24/7 monitoring service to allow implementation of fatigue implementation plans and driver coaching (managed by the fleet operator).
  • Fleet manager visibility of driver behaviour and efficiency, through easy-to-use self-service portal.

How does the technology benefit my Insurance with NTI?

  • No driver experience restrictions – all driver experience requirements are removed for vehicles fitted with “Seeing Machines” installed (applies to NTI Fleet policyholders only).
  • Excess reduction – NTI will reduce the excess for any accidents on the vehicle if fitted with “Seeing Machines” by $2,500 (some exceptions apply). This almost offsets the cost of installation.
  • Market value plus – In the event of a total loss of a unit installed with “Seeing Machines”, settlement can be Market Value plus 20% (to a maximum of the Sum Insured).
  • Reinstatement of the “Seeing Machines” hardware – caused by damage in the event of a loss.
  • Financial adjustment – premium adjustments to proactively reflect potential reductions in fatigue claims via investment in leading technology.

Other added benefits:

  • Service fee waived – Guardian “Seeing Machines” service fee waived for the first month for every vehicle installed in the future.
  • Data feed fee waived – Fee waived for individual data feed from “Seeing Machines” to “NTI”.
  • Unique data insights – to identify and address potential safety risks.

Seeing Machines provide 24/7 protection, a non-invasive camera facing driver, use algorithms to watch eye/head movement to recognise distraction/fatigue. It alerts in real-time – auto alarms and seat vibration technology to warn the driver. The Manager is also alerted/contacted of the incident after the “Guardian” reviews the footage to make sure the alert is “alarming/dangerous”.

Seeing Machines has intervened in more than 125,000 fatigue and distraction events in the past 12 months. It provides data such as the time & date of an incident, location, speed, distance traveled, duration, duration of the trip since departure, driver facing & forward-facing webcam footage.

What does it allow the manager to do?

Implement risk management practices. Does it happen during a certain stage of a drive? Certain time? Certain route? Is it the same driver all the time? Improving Risk Management in your fleet improves safety, which is paramount. Invest in the technology today and remember to tell your Austbrokers Comsure, so your Insurance can benefit too.

Call Austbrokers Comsure on 1800 122 194 for more information.

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