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Ultimately, Insurance is about Protection …. not Price!

Feb 27, 2020

Every day we are completely bombarded with advertisements selling “cheap” car insurance, and the savings that can allegedly be made. What can this “saving” cost you in the end?

We could write about this topic for hours, however, instead of losing your interest  – we thought we would name a few points for you to consider:

  • As the saying goes, comparing apples to apples is vital, not apples to pears. Policies can be vastly different, and sometimes paying a cheaper price, may mean the difference between a claim being paid or not.
  • Insurers have very different claims services. If the following is important to you – (choosing your own repairer, quick turn-around times, personalised service, full replacement, your full entitlement), then it’s important to understand how the claims process works. Going to a Direct Insurer can often mean you are only a “number”. If sitting on hold for hours, or talking to a different person each time = a deal breaker, then consider these factors when purchasing your insurance.
  • We hear “they ask a lot of questions”. For instance – “Do you drive on a Monday”, “How many Kms do you do in a year”. Answer all of these questions, and Insurers will build a risk profile about you. Yes, this often brings down the price. You might only drive your car Monday to Friday, so why should you pay for Insurance on the weekend? However, what happens, if by chance you hop in the car heading to a medical appointment, or to pick up your family from the airport on a Saturday, and you have an accident ….. you might not be covered! Just something to consider.
  • Relationships are important. We get so tied up about how much we are paying, we can sometimes forget about loyalty. Ongoing loyalty and building relationships go a long way these days! It might mean the difference between getting something across the line, or negotiations failing. Changing insurers each year may work against you – and you may not be well looked after.

It is easy to be influenced by the latest television marketing, and the possibility of saving a few bucks! Let’s be honest, Insurance is a must-have, not a want.  So it’s time to think twice before you purchase.

Contact Austbrokers Comsure today on 1800 122 194 if you would like a policy comparison, have any questions in this regard, or if we can assist you with your Insurance.

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