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Are you ready for Storm Season?

Dec 15, 2021

It’s incredibly important to prepare for the upcoming storm season as we all know how destructive the Australian summer can be. Weather events occur throughout the year, however, most occur between months October through to April.

Austbrokers Comsure has taken pre-emptive action to ensure we are in the best possible position to assist those who are affected by any upcoming weather events. It’s these stressful times when you need an Insurance Adviser to help you through it – knowing we are here for you personally through the claim, to handle it for you from start to finish and to make sure you get the best result possible.

So we thought it was timely to send through a guide on how to prepare your homes and businesses prior to storm season, in the hope we can all be better prepared.


  • Rake up leaves, remove overhanging branches, trim trees and have your gutters cleaned out.
  • Remove all debris from around your property.
  • Prepare an emergency kit (batteries, torch, radio, candles, first aid supplies)
  • Keep valuables, medications, important documents and spare clothes with your emergency kit.
  • Make sure you record emergency numbers for SES, glass repairers and Austbrokers Comsure.
  • Take photos of your valuables that you don’t have proof of ownership for as you will need this at the time of a claim. If you manage a business, ensure you take photos of your stock and note the condition, as this will assist you if you need to make a claim.
  • Identify how to turn off mains for water, power and gas.
  • Keep your vehicles’ fuel tank full if there is a weather warning issued. Make sure you have checked your spare tyre, wipers and lights.

If you do need to notify us of a claim what will you need?


  • Name your policy is in (personal or business)
  • Your driver license details
  • Location of your vehicle
  • Where the damage is
  • Photos of the damage if possible


  • Name your policy is in (personal or business)
  • Do you need a make safe?
  • We can assist you if you have damages that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency (broken glass, water entry from damage to roof and so on).
  • What the damage is to your property or contents
  • A list of item that have been damaged
  • Proof of ownership for the items being claimed
  • Photos of the damages
  • If this is a loss of food due to power failure, make a list of the items and take a photo before you throw them away.
  • If the carpets are wet and not cleanable and need to be removed retain a corner of the carpet – this is to confirm the type of carpet you had.


  • Name your policy is held in
  • Location of the loss
  • Do you require a make safe
  • List of damages
  • Photos of damages
  • Depending on the type of cover and damage caused your consultant will advise what further details or information is required.

No matter the size of the claim, every one of them is important to us. We have relationships with Insurers that give us the holistic advantage because we know how to adapt our approach depending on which insurer we are working with. We work together to get our client’s claims across the line, in a timely and the most effective manner.

Find an Emergency Plan Fact Sheet produced by the Queensland Government here.

Are you ready?

Please call Austbrokers Comsure on 1800 122 194 in the event of a claim. In the event of an emergency after hours, please call our claims mobile on 0419 710 868.

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Are you ready for Storm Season?