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Log4j – Your Systems could be at risk!

Who is this relevant for?

Businesses should be discussing the following concerns with their IT providers to understand if they’re exposed. Immediate action is required to ensure you are no longer vulnerable.

What is Log4j?

Do you run computer systems, various software, countless apps, webcams, car navigation systems, medical devices etc. within your business? Log4j is a serious software weakness which is exposing billions of devices globally.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) have released an Advisory that recommends patching immediately. See the ACSC Advisory Article 2021-007 here.
Cyber criminals have discovered a security flaw to attack IT systems, and yours could be next!

Give me more information:

Log4j is a commonly used utility that has been incorporated into countless pieces of software because it is open source, meaning anyone can use it. The tool is used to log activity on computers and runs across many platforms.

The flaw is allowing Cyber Criminals to seize control of everything, from big industrial sized control systems, through to web servers and consumer electronics. If this happens to you, they can steal your valuable information and data, plant malware, erase crucial information and more.

Advice by The ACSC:

Australian organisations should apply latest patches immediately where Log4j2 is known to be used. Upgrade to the current release of Apache Log4j 2.16.0 to disable the vulnerable functionality. Internally developed or in-house software should also be checked for use of Log4j2 and either disable vulnerable functionality or upgrade to the latest software update.

Austbrokers Comsure would like to thank Austbrokers Cyber Pro for this latest update. We encourage you to share this article to those who you think could be vulnerable.

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