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Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo Insurance covers the loss or damage to cargo, terminals, vessels and any transport between the point of origin and the final destination. It can be tailored to your needs depending on your requirements, with a number of extensions available from leading Marine insurers.

Why is this cover important?

At Austbrokers Comsure, we can offer you solutions for transit, cargo, hull, marine liability and prestige pleasure craft insurance. We have strong relationships with industry bodies, access to specialist insurers and an interest in the Marine Insurance industry and the legislative requirements associated with Marine Insurance.

We can arrange cover for Single Transit Import/Export (Australia Wide) and Household Removals Insurance (Within Australia & Overseas).

Policy cover can include:

Whilst the name suggests this type of insurance is specific to the Marine Industry, cover is available for cargo imports and exports and cartage contractors in the transport industry. Additionally, this cover should be arranged by those moving house for damage whilst in transit.
Full Accidental Damage
Comprehensive/Accidental Loss or Damage Covers (including consequential loss).
Insured Events Only
Insured/Listed Events (Fire, Theft, Collision, Flood or Overturning), with extensions available for Mismanagement of/Failure of Refrigerated Machinery; Shedding of load; Theft, pilferage and non-delivery; loading and unloading.
Door to Door Cover
Commencement of cover when the goods are first moved for the purpose of being loaded for transit to a destination outside of the premises and including cover for incidental storage during the ordinary course of transit.
Shipping Methods
Cover available for various shipping methods including Air, Post, Rail, Road and Sea.
Liability Cover
Tailored to suit individual needs.
Basis of Valuation Available

CIF (Cost Insurance Freight), CF (Cost Freight), Insured Value, Invoice Value, Market Value, Market Value + Freight.

Specialist cover

Specialist covers available for:
Port Operators Liability
Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers
Warehouse Liability
Logistic Operators
Marina Operators
Terminal and Stevedores Liability
Charterers Liability Insurance
Worldwide Cover available
Commercial Hull for Passenger Excursions, Tourist Vessels

Extension available for Fare Paying Passenger Liability, Food & Drink Liability, Pollution Liability, Sports Fishing and Dive Equipment.

24 Hour Claims Service

Specialist Claims knowledge, expertise and processes.

Quick Settlement

Why us?

Austbrokers Comsure is a specialist broker that has superior knowledge of the industry and your requirements. Austbrokers Comsure has developed a market leading Marine Transit Platform allowing Freight Forwarders to quote and bind single Marine Transit insurance for their customers. This is a specialised product which has been built and tailored for the industry to provide a value add service to your business. The benefits of this platform are:

  • We are regarded by major insurers as an industry leader when it comes to our claims service.
  • We do not require to see any pre-shipment documents for insurance to be bound.
  • Fast and easy – 2 minutes to quote and bind insurance cover.
  • Available for Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers.
  • Market Leading products available.
  • Insurers are 100% Australian based.
  • We offer free insurance advice to YOUR customers
  • The platform is FREE to use with NO subscription or license fees.

Frequently Asked Questions for Marine Cargo Insurance

Can my transit policy cover all goods sent?

Cover is available for goods imported, exported and sent within Australia.

Can you cover out of the ordinary, or high value items?

Yes – we can assist with Marine Insurance for all commodities including Alcohol, Tobacco and Dangerous/High Risk goods. Additionally, we can assist with insuring High Value Art Works in Transit.

Do we need to provide shipment details?

Depending on the insurer and the goods we may or may not require pre-shipment details.

Should I arrange photographs of my shipment?

Yes.  Our claims team would greatly appreciate this as it speeds up the claims process and assists in a successful outcome for our client.

Can I insure personal effects in my vehicle being shipped overseas?

Yes.  We can assist with the insurance for your personal effects being shipped with your vehicle.

Can I ship goods from anywhere in the world to Australia, or from Australia to anywhere in the world?

In most instances, yes, however insurers may require additional information where a country is considered to be a high risk location. You may also need to arrange local papers for your shipment to that country as per their legal requirements. We can also assist with this insurance.

How do I make a claim?

As your Adviser, you will always contact Austbrokers Comsure in the first instance and we will guide you through the claims process as this can vary from insurer to insurer.