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Plant & Machinery

Austbrokers Comsure is recognised as one of the leading insurance brokers in the Plant & Machinery field. Earthmoving Plant and Equipment policies provide tailored covers to protect the machine, its attachments, equipment and liability sections.

Plant & Machinery

Our Plant & Machinery experts can help you with a specifically designed solution when insuring equipment.

Earthmoving, Excavators, Skid Steers and attachments, Asphalting Machines.
Cranes & Lifting Equipment, Trucks and Tippers, Forklifts.
Non-self Propelled Plant.
Concreting Equipment including Booms, Line Pumps, and Satellite Pumps.
Agricultural Equipment, farm equipment, harvesters.
Mining and Drilling Equipment, Drilling Rigs.

Policy cover can include:

Plant & Machinery Insurance needs more cover options and benefits than a standard Commercial Motor Insurance Policy. The risks of damage to high value equipment and liability issues exist in this industry on a daily basis. We can protect you against these risks by providing a specific range of covers that we know will respond when required.
Financial Loss
Agreed Value/Lease value protection, or Lease Payment protection.
Continuation of Business
Increased Cost of Working cover, or Consequential Loss cover.
Owner Protection Plus
Covering your interests should your vehicle be operated by an employee, outside the manufacturer’s specifications (E.g. Damage caused by accidentally lifting a load which is too heavy for the machine).
New for Old Replacement
For machines and motor vehicles purchased new and less than two years old.
Unspecified Attachments
A number of insurers say if not specified not covered. We can get unspecified attachments $10,000 or 10% of Sum Insured.
Hired in Plant Cover
Cover for sudden and unforeseen physical loss, damage or destruction for mobile plant and equipment hired in.
Hire Vehicles
Substitute Vehicles whilst your vehicle is being repaired.
Dry Hire
Items owned but hired out to a third party without an operator.
Material Damage
Covers your Equipment against losses due to Fire, Storm and tempest, Earthquake, and Malicious Acts.
Public Liability Insurance
Liability cover away from the vehicles insured.
Road Risk
Cover for Third Party or Property Damage arising from the use, operation or towing of a registered road vehicle or machine in connection with the business.
Machinery Breakdown
Covers the sudden and unexpected breakdown of a mechanical, electrical or electronic part of a machine that prevents the normal use of the machine.
Broadform Liability
Legal liability for personal injury, property damage or advertising injury caused by an occurrence in connection with the declared business activities.

Why us?

Whether your business has one machine or one hundred machines, we look after clients big and small, and can provide a full risk review at no expense to your business. At Austbrokers Comsure, we think outside the box and look for ways to further protect your business against ongoing changes in government legislation.

  • We have access to Specialist Plant & Equipment Insurers.
  • Experienced Insurance Advisers able to design a package policy for your consideration.
  • Experienced and respected Industry Claims officers.
  • A valued and highly experienced Claims Management team.
  • The PPSR security register is of vital importance for many businesses with the recent change in legislation. Your vehicle may be locked up with liquidators if it is left on the job site of a third party who goes into liquidation.
  • Risk Management Options.
  • Ability to obtain premium discounts for drivers who have experience moving into their own business.
  • We communicate with Logistic and Plant & Machinery solicitors who advise latest Law changes.

Frequently Asked Questions for Plant & Machinery Insurance

Why Register or Unregister?

If on a Public Road and that can include a driveway, then you should register.

Can I pay my premiums by the month?

Yes. All insurance offered by Austbrokers Comsure can be paid by the month through premium funders. If you chose to use the premium funder’s service, your monthly instalments will be tax deductible.

Why do you have to advise Business Activities?

Some Insurers do not cover certain Business Activities, for example, Civil work Air Side, Rail side, or Underground Mining.

Is it covered when stored on a Work Site?

Be warned about the PPS Report and certain policies that have Malicious Damage Excesses. Speak to your adviser regarding storage to get the most suitable policy.

How do I make a claim?

As your Adviser, you will always contact Austbrokers Comsure in the first instance and we will guide you through the claims process as this can vary from insurer to insurer.