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Transport insurance policies can provide cover to protect a variety of different assets such as Single Trucks, trailers owned or non-owned and Prime Movers.

Specialist Motor Insurance:

If your business operates vehicles as a core service, you need to consider specialist motor insurance. We can arrange cover for a wide range of vehicle types that can be tailored to your business requirements. The policies available through Austbrokers Comsure can cover:
Rigid trucks
Prime movers, b-double, trailers, tippers, dumpers, forklifts and loaders.
Goods carriers
This includes refrigerated goods carriers, bulk hazardous goods carriers, grain carriers, livestock carriers, and goods carrying vehicles.
Mobile plants
This includes mobile cranes, earthmovers and heavy equipment.
Tractors and other motorised agricultural machines.
Sedans, station wagons, four wheel drives, utilities, vans, specialist vehicles etc.
Buses, light rigid through to heavy, including articulated.
Fleets, solutions for all types of fleets, – cars, trucks and trailers.
We also tailor solutions for a variety of other transport services including earthmovers, mobile cranes, buses, fleet vehicles, specialist vehicles and heavy equipment.

Broader protection & additional cover

Our package policies can extend to cover not only the Truck, Prime Mover and Trailer but also:
Public Liability
Liability cover away from the vehicles insured.
Under the new Chain of Responsibility Act you will be brought into an action if the goods you are carrying are damaged.
Customers Consequential Loss (E.g. Loss of Income).
Business Interruption

Your own loss of income whilst your vehicle is being repaired following a Motor vehicle incident, covered under a Motor Vehicle Claim, including any downtime incurred.

Why us?

Austbrokers Comsure specialise in Transport and Heavy Motor Vehicle insurance. When you take out a tailored Transport Insurance policy, you will immediately have access to our expert claims team for personal service on claims, and our experienced advisers for advice on Risk Management.

  • We have access to Specialist Transport Insurers and Assessors
  • Risk Management Plans plus Insurers 24/7 Accident Assist programs.
  • Experienced Truck Insurance Advisers able to design a package policy for your consideration.
  • Ability to obtain premium discounts for drivers who have experience moving into their own business.
  • Receive News articles from Logistic Solicitors.
  • Experienced and respected Industry Claims officers.
  • For young or inexperienced drivers we can provide cover depending on history.

Frequently Asked Questions for Transport Insurance

Do I need Load Insurance?

Load insurance protects the Chain of Responsibility. The Competition and Consumer Act, including any contracts between you and the Freight Forwarding Agent will dictate, however our advice is to get Load Insurance, as it can protect you in the event of damage or loss.

Can I pay my premiums by the month?

Yes. All insurance offered by Austbrokers Comsure can be paid by the month through premium funders. If you chose to use the premium funder’s service, your monthly installments will be tax deductible.

When do I ring about a Radius Extension?

Be warned some companies believe if your journey states “base to a destination beyond your normal radius” you are outside of the radius when you leave the base. Others say you are “out of radius” when you reach the radius limit. Seek professional advice from your Austbrokers Comsure Adviser.

What Liability Covers are available and do I need them all?

Yes – we suggest reviewing the following liability covers to ensure you are protected in the event of a claim:

1.) CTP Third Party Bodily Injury;

2.) Motor Section Liability covers damage by your truck;

3.) Public Liability covers you outside of your truck.

I don’t have much driving experience, can I still get cover?

Yes. Austbrokers Comsure has the ability to sort this for you. All we need is your driving history. The more experience you have, discounts may apply after years of driving and a good driving record.

How do I make a claim?

As your Adviser, you will always contact Austbrokers Comsure in the first instance and we will guide you through the claims process as this can vary from insurer to insurer.