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Boat / Pleasurecraft Insurance

Covering all types of watercraft, from canoes and rowboats, to motor boats, sailboats, yachts and jetskis.

Rest assured that your boat is protected both on and off the water, anywhere in Australia. That’s peace of mind!

Covering accidental loss or damage to:

On board your vessel in the event of accidental damage or loss.
Personal Effects
Contents cover available for loss or damage to personal items in the boat that are stolen or damaged as a result of an accident.
Recreational Equipment
Such as fishing gear, water skiing equipment, diving equipment.
Safety Equipment
Safety equipment and accessories.
Water Skiers Liability
Cover includes death or injury to a water skier being towed by your boat.

Why us?

The team at Austbrokers Comsure can assist you 24/7 with claims. What this means to you is, even when you are out on the water, you can speak to our professional claims department when you need us most. No need to wait in a call centre queue.

Our qualified and trained insurance professionals will help you get the additional benefits you might need, for example when an emergency occurs, such as the need for emergency fuel or medical evacuation.

  • Easy Stress Free Claims Process: At Austbrokers Comsure, we provide all our customers with a dedicated claims service, available 24/7 to assist with your claim.
  • Superior Claims Service: As an Adviser, Austbrokers Comsure have priority to fast track our claims service in the event of an accident and/or weather event.

Frequently Asked Questions for Boat / Pleasure Craft Insurance

Can I obtain an Agreed Value Policy?

Yes— we will discuss the various cover options available under the policy. You may need to provide us with a valuation from a Marine specialist/valuer in order for the Insurer to agree to the nominated value.

I found a really cheap quote online, why is it so cheap?

Insurance is like any other product, you pay for what you get. There are many different insurers offering policies in different shapes and forms.

Service is extremely important.

This is the difference between a claim being paid out over night and a claim being paid out painstakingly over a year. Cheap premiums are on offer because costs are being cut elsewhere.

Coverage is also extremely important.

This is the difference between your claim being paid out or not paid out at all. Quite often, this results in financial burden in the long run.

Am I entitled to a discount if I have not had any claims in the past for my boat?

Yes— this works in a similar manner to motor vehicle policies, and the no claim bonus discount works as follows:

• Rate 1 – you will receive a 25% discount

• Rate 2 – you will receive a 20%  discount

• Rate 3 – you will receive a 15% discount

• Rate 4 – you will receive a 10% discount

• Rate 5 – no discount will apply

Can I pay my premiums by the month?

Yes. All insurance offered by Austbrokers Comsure can be paid by the month through premium funders. If you chose to use the premium funder’s service, your monthly installments will be tax deductible.

Where is my Boat covered?

The Geographical limits includes cover for your boat whilst it is stored on land or is in transit on a trailer.

Cover will extend to include waters up to 250 nautical miles off the Australian Mainland and Tasmania, and the New Zealand North and South Islands (subject to the policy terms and conditions).

We will discuss the options with you to determine what type of cover and the locations you need cover.

How do I make a claim?

As your Adviser, you will always contact Austbrokers Comsure in the first instance and we will guide you through the claims process as this can vary from insurer to insurer.